Features Overview – Retail & Restaurants

User Friendly

Impress your customers with fast efficient service. A clear & easy to understand POS is essential for minimizing transaction times. Quickly train new cashiers in no time.



Loyalty programs have become the norm. Reward your customers & keep them coming back with your own personal loyalty program.

Cloud Reporting

Online Reports

Don’t wait for reports to be emailed. Conveniently access reports online from any PC or laptop. No software installation needed.

multi stores


Designed for chains with multiple outlets. A central point to control Accounts, Suppliers, Products, Stock, Pricing, Specials & Staff.


Securely log in with the use of a finger print, access card or pin code. Set permissions on every software function to have access granted or provoked.


Accept cashless, cash, credit card, EFT, account, lay by, vouchers or a mixture of any as payment.

Integrate credit card terminals with your POS to speed up card payment transactions.

Generate A4 proforma invoices & quotes from the point of sale.


Flexibility to make adjustments to the price, item discount or sale discount. Control if an item can be discounted from the back office.

Cash Drops

Perform cash drops and keep cash in the till to a minimum. Set a limit & be notified to perform a drop once the sales reach your limit.

Hospitality Features

voyage modifiers


Add as many preparation modifiers i.e milk / no milk as you need. Modifiers will subtract the relevant stock when selected & can optionally change the price ensuring you stay profitable.

Voyage item notes

Item Notes

Sometimes your regular set of modifiers is not enough. Add additional preparation instructions to the item on the fly with a fully touch screen enabled message block.

Voyage Tabs


Ideal for ringing up orders not tied to a specific table. Easily transfer a tab to a table or from a table to a tab. Tabs can be re-named to make it easier to identify who the bill belongs to.

Voyage Touch Menu

Touch Menu

Quick efficient service using the touch menu to ring up items.

Voyage Cashless Transactions

Cashless Environment

Ideal for canteens. Eliminate cash and pre-load customer funds. Customers can purchase using a fingerprint or shop card & top up when needed.

Voyage Kitchen Printers

Order Printers

Print drinks & food orders to separate kitchen printers. No limit on the number of printers that can be connected.

Voyage Products


Pack-sizing & empty returns allow for effective stock control for liquor stores and bars. Color & size variations work well for clothing stores & boutiques. Recipes will deduct the correct fractions of stock when preparing a meal. Use service items to charge for non stock related services.

Voyage Barcode


Print your own barcode or barcoded price labels for products.  Retail, super markets & liquor stores can print shelf talker labels for display on shelving.

Voyage Stock Take

Stock Taking

Take stock the easy & quick way. Equip staff with a portable data collector to count the stock & have everything counted in a flash.

Voyage Product Specials


Specials are great for attracting customers during your most quiet times. Specials automatically activate at set date & time & deactivate once the period expires.

Voyage Orders


Simplify your ordering process. Set minimum & maximum stock levels and generate accurately calculated orders. Email orders directly to your suppliers.

Voyage Account Control

Account Control

Keep track of creditor expenditure, setup limits & know exactly how much you can spend. Allocate supplier payments & view a statement for an accurate account balance.

Create debtors accounts with a credit limit, terms, interest and discount. Receive account payments & send statements to customers.

Voyage Job Cards

Job Cards

Job cards are ideal for any repair / servicing of products. Log job cards and keep track of parts used, hours worked & job status.

Voyage Staff Commission


Setting commission targets is a great way to make staff a part of reaching your goals. Setup commission per staff member as a flat % or based on a matrix scale. Pay out commission on turnover or GP.

Voyage Dashboard Report

Dashboard Reporting

Get a clear overview of your business, see your daily turn over, expenses, gross profit, stock on hand cost, transaction / head count, average per sale.

Voyage Stock Reports

Stock Reports

Stock is your biggest investment, keep control & view reporting on stock movement, price changes, stock value, stock takes, serial item tracking, transferred, orders, received stock.

Voyage Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Print detailed sales reports on product performance, top selling products, sales audit trail, top customers, sales by supplier. Filter reporting on item cost, sales value & gross profit.

Voyage audit reporting

Audit Reporting

View audit reporting  on pay-outs, permission overrides, voids, vouchers generated, user sales.

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