Features Overview – Mobile Retail

Low Start-up Cost

The most affordable, feature rich, powerful small retail & quick service POS system. Save on expensive hardware, you most likely own a compatible device. Designed to work with any Apple / android tablet, Mac, PC or laptop.

Quick Setup

With a super quick setup you’re ready to trade in just minutes. This is ideal for last minute expo or mobile bars. Have a huge list of products? Import your product list with one bulk import.


Offline Mode

No signal, no problem. Each POS device functions independently. Continue to ring up sales. Sales data will upload to your back-office once the internet is back up.


Grow as big as you dream to. No limit on how many stores you can add. With multi-branch you’ll only create products or update pricing in one location, all stores will be updated automatically. Running low on stock at one of your stores? Transfer stock between stores. Easily access each stores reporting from one back-office.


Barcode Scanning

Using a barcode scanner is perfect for speeding up transactions, eliminating long ques, improving accuracy & preventing costly mistakes. Customers will love your service.



Accept payment in cash, by credit card, EFT, Snapscan, account, vouchers or a mixture of any of them. Add as many custom payment methods as you require.

Accounts sales & payments is integrated with Sage One. Credit card terminals can be integrated with Sureswipe to speed up the card payment process.

Perform payouts to pay suppliers or for consumables.


Customize you receipts with a logo and footer message. Conveniently print or email receipts. Proforma A4 invoices can be emailed strait from the POS to the client for payment. All receipts can be re-printed or emailed in A4 format.

Quick Service POS Features


Touch Menu

Touch menus allow your staff to quickly ring up menu items. Adding menu items can be done from any POS terminal. Changes is synchronized across all devices in the store.



Modifiers are useful to instruct the kitchen on how to prepare the item. Breakfast as an example will prompt for the egg preparation |Sunny-side up| Hard Over etc.

Item Notes

Quickly add notes to an item. This is very useful for adding unique preparation instructions like “No Onions”.



Store sales with a description i.e. a name or number. Ideal for running bar tabs & receiving payment at a later point.

Cloud Back-office

Cloud Back-office

A cloud back-office means that all devices run independently. No costly server & central point of failure. Another huge benefit of this is that you can update items, pricing, menus & view live reports from anywhere.

Supplier Orders


Generate orders & email them directly to your suppliers. Sent orders can be used to receive stock, a HUGE time saver!

stock take

Stock Taking

Take stock using a scanner, or simply count with your tablet. Progress indicators will show items to still be counted & any variances. No more messy paper lists to re-capture.

barcode printing

Barcode Printing

Some items do not have a barcode. Problem? No, Print your own in-house barcodes.

Kitchen Printers

Kitchen Printers

Print drinks & food orders to separate kitchen printers. No limit on the number of printers that can be connected.



Recipes will take care of deducting fractions of ingredients used to prepare menu items. You will have an accurate item costing & GP of each prepared product. Clearly see ingredient levels & re-order ingredients.

Recipes can also be used to bundle products into KITS and have the individual items deducted when selling a kit.


Sage One Integration

Simplify your accounting. Your POS will sync sales totals, account sales, payments & stock movement to your Sage One.

user restrictions

User Restrictions

Restrict users from accessing sensitive areas. All information is not for everyone to see. Users can have access granted or restricted to the point of sale, back-office & reporting.

Stock Transfers

Stock Transfers

Exactly what you would need to distribute stock from a central point. Transfer stock from a central ware house or a main store to any of the branches. Stock can also be transferred out from any branch to another.

sales reporting

Sales Reporting

Easy to understand sales analysis reporting. Generate detailed sales reports on top selling items, sales audit trail, top customers or sales by supplier. Accurate reporting on item cost, sales value & gross profit.

Stock Reports

Stock Reports

Informative stock reporting on adjustments, in stock, serial number audit, transferred, supplier transactions, item ingredients.

cash up report

Cash-up Reports

Reprint any cash up, view all transaction tender amounts & declared values. Print a payment report for all pay outs & account payments received.

audit reporting

Audit Reporting

Every action is recorded. View user audit reporting for a detailed log of user behavior from login to discounts. Item audit reports reflect the exact stock movement type – adjustment in, sale, ingredient move etc.

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